Pool Inspections For Home Owners & The Things You Need To Know

Selling/Buying Pool Safety Regulations:

When selling your property you must now provide the buyer with a copy of your pool safety certificate. If you don’t, you will need to complete a Disclosure Statement (Form 36) and give this to the buyer and pool safety commissioner. The buyer then has only 90 days after settlement to get a pool safety certificate for the pool. Don’t risk potentially losing a sale over something that can be done now. Buyers may not want to spend the money fixing fences. Make the sale easy and book a pool inspection now.

Houses With Tenants:

Landlords you need a Pool Safety Certificate if you sign a lease with a new or existing customer or you could risk being fined. If a new tenant you must have pool certificate before they move in. With an existing tenant you must have a pool safety certificate before re signing lease.


No matter how you look at it we suggest it’s a good idea to get your pool/Spa inspected now. This can save money in the long run whether you’re leasing to a tenant or trying to sell. Also leaving it can prolong being able to get it repaired quickly. Please feel free to email any further questions you may have. Your certificate will last 2 years and GCPC keep records and will inform you before they run out.

For any enquiries you can contact us or book a pool inspection.

Book now and be compliant!


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Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is a guide only. To see the latest Queensland pool safety laws please visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Pool Safety website page.