Pool Safety Tips

In the past five years 175 Australian children have drowned under the age of five and 50% occurred in our swimming pools. These are preventative so do your bit and make sure your pool is safe.

Around The Pool Fence

  • Don’t leave climbable objects near pool fence. i.e. BBQ’s, Pot Plants, Chairs etc.
  • Have you picked up all toys lying around and put them away securely?
  • Keep all trees & shrubs trimmed so children can’t climb them.


  • Keep children under the age of five within “arms” length.
  • Remember Adult Supervision is the best method of preventing drowning.
  • Are you aware of the dangers leaving older children to supervise younger children?
  • Have an Adult supervisor around pool during parties.

Emergency Supervision

  • Have you got a guideline 7 CPR sign displayed prominently in pool area? (Refer to the Pool Safety Council Website for details.)
  • Do you and your family have up to date resuscitation and first aid skills?
  • Have you got a first aid kit handy in the house?


  • Do you have RCD or RCCB on power supply? Remember water and power do not mix.


  • Are Chemicals stored securely and out of site?
  • Always add chemicals to water. Not the other way round.
  • Do you read all safety warnings before use?
  • Do you wear protective gloves/eye wear when handling pool chemicals?
  • Don’t mix different chemicals in same container unless cleaned first.

Pumps, Grates & Suction

  • Do all pool suction and plumbing areas have good condition grates or covers securely in place?


  • Never prop open gates with anything. Think about the consequences?
  • Teach your children to swim as early as possible.
  • Make sure your pool has a Pool safety Certificate.

For fencing safety tips you may like to download the Pre-Fence Check List.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is a guide only. To see the latest Queensland pool safety laws please visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Pool Safety website page.